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7th Annual Region 7 Radon Stakeholders' Meeting Follow-Up Materials

On March 5, 2013 in Manhattan, Kansas, a number of passionate radon professionals attended the 7th Annual Region 7 Radon Stakeholders' Meeting. Below, please find a smattering of resources from the event.

Click here to view the event's agenda.

Click here for more information on the winner of this year's Radon Leader Award.

Click here to view a list of speaker biographies.

Click here for a listing of meeting attendees.

Below, please find a listing of presentations from the 7th Annual Region 7 Radon Stakeholder's Meeting:

AARST Update

EPA Update

203K Rehab Loans for Mitigation

Kansas State University Update

Houses From Heck

Radon Measurement in Homes Committee Report

Moving RRNC 2.0 into IRC Building Code

Standards Update

Mapping, Geology and Zone Designations

Experts Panel