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Kyle Hoylman's blog

The Reaction to Coronavirus Exposure Versus Radon Exposure

What do radon and the coronavirus have in common? Both are silent killers. And both can be prevented by avoiding exposure. Our latest blog article focuses on the question, “What if Kentucky responded to radon like it’s responding to the coronavirus?” Check out the full article: Blog Article

Department of Defense Report Details Systemic Deficiencies with Management of Radon in Military Housing

In light of Memorial Day, a time for remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms, our latest blog article focuses on a recent report from the Department of Defense OIG regarding systemic deficiencies with management of radon in military housing. Check out the full article: Blog Article

ANSI/AARST Standards - Complimentary Webinar for AARST Members and NRPP-Certified Professionals

Webinar Registration Link

Join leadership from AARST, CRCPD, and EPA for a complimentary webinar for AARST members and NRPP-certified professionals. This webinar will focus on the following topics:

- EPA's notice recommending state radon programs adopt the AARST/ANSI consensus standards for radon testing and mitigation.

- An overview of AARST and CRCPD, and updates from these organizations.

- An overview of AARST and a review/comparison of the current AARST/ANSI consensus standards, the standards committees, and upcoming standards work.

- An overview of the new standards portal, standards.aarst.org, where complimentary view / paid download access to the standards is available.

* One hour of continuing education credit will be awarded to NRPP-certified professionals completing the webinar.