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Bruce Snead's blog

Radon Measurements Laboratory (RML) Radon Chamber Services Moving to Kansas State University

The RML Radon Chamber Services, operated for many years under Dr. James Burkhart, will be transferred to the Engineering Extension Office at Kansas State University (KSU) in late March/early April 2018, and will be operated under the supervision of Engineering Extension Director Bruce Snead. This transfer is for Chamber services ONLY (spiking, device performance tests, and device performance evaluations) and DOES NOT INCLUDE testing services for charcoal canister, and alpha track devices, which will continue at RML in Colorado Springs. KSU will not perform any testing services. The last round of chamber services at RML at Colorado Springs is planned to be complete on March 21. Chamber services will resume at KSU on April 9.
The KSU Radon Chamber will apply for all national and state certifications currently valid for the RML chamber and will participate in all necessary inter-comparisons to achieve certified performance test chamber status.

Radon: The Invisible Kansas Killer -TV coverage Nov 13

KSN TV in Wichita Kansas has produced a 5 minute program featuring a lung cancer victim, the Kansas Radon Program and focusing on the need to test, with discussion of requiring testing. As always, not every point made is just the way we would prefer, but it does a good job of covering Kansas concerns and helping access good information. We are seeing a boost in test kit purchases and orders from our extension office network in the area. We hope it will lead to RRNC action in Wichita!
Bruce Snead

Radon Programs Assistant position at Kansas State University

Kansas State University seeking Radon Programs Assistant, full time in Engineering Extension at Kansas Duties: planning and implementation of online radon curriculum, assist with state and national technical assistance. Required: BS in science or engineering related discipline; demonstrated communication, computer and online education skills. Preferred: One year experience with online educational delivery; radon related experience. Submit before September 19, 2011, cover letter, resume, and three references to:

Bruce Snead
133 Ward Hall KSU
Manhattan, KS 66506-2508
For more information: www.kansasradonprogram.org
Kansas State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

New Role for Kansas State University: National Radon Program Services

Dear Radon Leaders,

I wanted to follow up on Bill's blog post about the upcoming grant transition with a message of my own.

Kansas State University (KSU), as a partner in the Midwest Universities Radon Consortium, is pleased to assume national radon services and projects formerly provided by the National Safety Council (NSC) for the US EPA. Our new responsibilities will include the National Radon Poster Contest, National Radon Hotlines, Referrals to State Radon Programs, Radon Test Kit Coupons, Radon Mitigation Promotion, and other outreach activities. KSU will partner with NSC during the 2010 National Radon Poster Contest to accomplish a smooth transition in activities and events. We also will work with NSC and EPA on other aspects of the transition. In addition to updating our Web sites and publications, several changes in programs and services are being implemented, including: