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Trudy Y. Smith's blog

Broad Input Sought on New Radon Standards

The following radon standard documents are now posted for public review and are available for download at www.radonstandards.us

Radon Measurement in Homes
Radon Measurement in Large Buildings
Radon Mitigation in Schools and Large Buildings
Radon Mitigation in Multifamily Buildings (2nd review)

Deadline for comments is November 1, 2013

Feel free to forward this notice to your colleagues

Announcement within the American Standards National Insitute's (ANSI) "standards action" newsletter will be posted tomorrow, September 13, 2013.

This will be a prime opportunity to review the work of the many volunteer and expert stakeholders serving on these ANSI-AARST standards development committees.

The broadest possible input is critical to ensuring these standards reflect best practices for measurement and mitigation in the face of a known Class A carcinogen.

US Radon Policy Needs to Change

Fellow radon practitioners,

I have responded to the call (below) to e-mail my congresspersons with a request to get active on radon. Over the past several months, I have been receiving e-mails from Healthy Homes which is garnering millions of dollars of grant monies for research and mitigation of indoor air quality issues. Radon is not among the issues they are addressing. These are state and county health officials; not some high-powered lobbyists. A neighboring town is looking for half a million dollars for a tennis court and basketball court in a flood plain as part of the stimulus package. Come on!!! We continue to let these financial opportunities slide by and then complain that the government doesn’t do anything about radon.