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Radon Radio at the NCSL Conference in Philadelphia, PA

The National Safety Council, AARST, and EPA sponsored a booth at the National Conference of State Legislatures Legislative Summit in Philadelphia, PA July 20-24. As in past years legislators were asked to record short radio public service announcements to educate their constituents about radon; this year’s efforts beat all previous records with more than 150 legislators recording PSAs. Recordings will be sent to the legislators and their local radio stations to air during January, National Radon Action Month.

Resolve to Protect Your Family and Kick Radon Out of Your Home in 2009

From the EPA Greenversations Blog

About the author: Builder Fuad Reveiz* is a former professional football placekicker and a current member of the National Association of Home Builders. He has his own building and development company in Knoxville, Tennessee. He includes radon-resistant features when building new homes.

Recently the headlines have been pretty dire – crises in the financial and housing markets, a poor holiday season for retailers. Reflecting on this state of affairs a friend recently said to me, “at least I’ve got my health.” How right he was! I cherish my health and that of my family. As a builder, homeowner, and parent, I know that having a healthy and green home is extremely important in protecting the health of my family.