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When was NRAM created?

I recently had a reporter ask my how long has EPA promoted National Radon Action Month. I had no idea being still a newbie to the program. Does anyone know what year this started?

EPA National Residential Radon Survey, circa 1989-1990

I am looking for the actual states data from the National Residential Radon Survey (NRRS) that EPA conducted in 1989-1990.. The survey tested each level of selected homes with year-long ATD's. They tested just over 5,000 homes.

Thank you, Bob Lewis

AARST’s 21st International Radon Symposium - Call for Papers

AARST’s 2011 International Radon Symposium
October 16 – 19, 2011
Orlando, FL USA

AARST’s 21st International Radon Symposium will provide an opportunity to share ideas and to facilitate a worldwide exchange of information regarding radon in air, water and soils. AARST welcomes the participation of members of the scientific and medical community, radon testers, diagnosticians, mitigators, educators, public policy leaders and business leaders as well as consumers, both nationally and internationally.

Abstracts: Your abstract should convey in 150 words or less the essence of the intended presentation, clearly indicating the contribution it will make. Abstracts will be screened by the AARST Editorial Board. Authors who are not experienced in writing abstracts should look at examples of abstracts from previous symposia. These can be found on the AARST.org website.

CNN Video on Radon: Why it Matters to Your Health

This video was done as a joint effort between CNN, ALA and AARST. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen examines the facts about radon. Knowing them is critical to preventing some cancers.

To view this video, visit http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/health/2010/12/14/cohen.radon.iq.cnn.

Radon and Environmental Justice

Dear Gentle Radon Professionals:

In the Portland, OR area we may have an environmental justice in regards to radon (and other issues too). The very same zip codes with the highest potential for radon are also the zip codes with the highest percentages of minorities and low income people.

Unlike other EJ issues, the equity issue is not in the location of pollution sources near low income and minority communities, rather it is a lack of radon awareness outreach efforts into the low income, minority and immigrant communities.

The situation reminds me of childhood lead poisoning in that there may be an institutional belief that we should not burden poor people with information about their bad situation (e.g. lead, radon, contaminated fish, etc.) because they do not have the means to change their own situation and besides, they are already over burdened. Enough of my preaching.

Health Canada Nationwide Radon Survey

Preliminary results of the Health Canada 18,000 home, nationwide survey. The results of the first half of 9000 homes was recently released: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ewh-semt/radiation/radon/survey-sondage-eng.php

Taking Action on Radon in Your School District? No Better Time than the Present!

Three months ago I blogged to parents and teachers about opportunities for kids to participate in a radon poster contest to get their design on a T-shirt to celebrate National Radon Action Month. Responses were abundant, and let me tell you the posters being voted on as I blog are phenomenal! A T-shirt is a great way to raise awareness about indoor air quality bu the best way to protect against radon is to test. I used to work on indoor air quality in a school district, so I know about the only time to get something substantial done is during holiday breaks. I know it crept up on us, but the holidays are here, so what better time to test your school for radon than right now?

NRAM Outreach at a Navajo Nation Immersion School

To promote radon education to children during the 2010 National Radon Action Month, the Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency (NNEPA) Radon Program conducted outreach at the Fort Defiance Immersion School, in Fort Defiance, Arizona.

The students – ranging from grades 5th through 8th – learned about indoor air contaminants such as lead, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), asbestos, radon, pesticides and other solvents. An Indoor Air Quality House was also displayed (pictured below), which offered an interactive way to share this important information. The IAQ House – equipped with a quiz – tested the students on the different indoor contaminants found within the home including radon. NNEPA rewarded students with promotional materials, including backpacks, t-shirts and other items, for each of their correct answers.

Reducing Community Exposure to Radon: A Plan for Community Action

Citizens for Clean Air in Pueblo for Education, Research, Action (CCAP-ERA), is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to protect the health and quality of life of residents of Southern Colorado. It works through paid staff, volunteers, community partnerships, and grant-funded projects to sponsor public education programs, data-gathering, and activities designed to reduce human exposure to toxic substances, primarily those present in air. It also strives to promote environmental justice among the diverse citizenry of Pueblo and Southern Colorado.

Administrator Jackson to Kick Off EPA's 40th Anniversary Commemoration

Weeklong series of events to highlight EPA’s 40 years protecting American communities

WASHINGTON – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa P. Jackson will hold several events kicking off a weeklong commemoration of EPA’s 40th Anniversary on Monday.

Monday morning, the Aspen Institute will unveil their list of EPA’s most significant achievements over the past 40 years. Following that, Administrator Jackson will participate in a discussion of that list with Walter Isaacson at the Aspen Institute. Reporters wishing to attend the event at the Aspen Institute should RSVP to Jeffrey Harris at jeffrey.harris@aspeninstitute.org.

In the afternoon, the administrator will travel to Atlanta to meet with EPA regional staff. On Tuesday, she will also hold an event at the Coretta Scott King Young Woman’s Leadership Academy in Atlanta. Later in the week, the administrator will travel to New York City.