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EPA Seeks Public Comment on Strategic Plan to Move Forward on Agency Priorities

Draft plan will help advance Administrator Jackson’s seven priorities

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking public comment on its draft FY 2011-2015 strategic plan, which helps advance Administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s priorities and the mission to protect human health and the environment. Administrator Jackson’s seven priorities are; taking action on climate change, improving air quality, protecting America’s waters, cleaning up our communities, assuring the safety of chemicals, expanding the conversation on environmentalism and working for environmental justice, and building strong state and tribal partnerships.

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia – Radon Case


Final Guidance on FY2010 SIRG Supplemental Allotment

SIRG Program: FY 2010 Supplemental Allotment
EPA HQ has about $750,000 of FY 2010 SIRG* funds available for distribution to state-tribal SIRG program participants through the Regional SIRG Project Officers (SPOs). In crafting your 1-page per project proposals, states-tribes should consider how their project(s) advance EPA’s radon risk reduction goals, and those of the Radon Leaders Saving Lives (RLSL) campaign. EPA is only seeking project proposals from current state-tribal SIRG grantees. This announcement has also been posted on http://www.radonleaders.org.

Radon Division Chief Michael Pyles Retires

Dear Radon Colleagues: It is with both sorrow and joy that we announce that after 36 years with the PA DEP, Bureau of Radiation Protection, Radon Division, Michael Pyles, Radon Division Chief is retiring. Friday June 18th is Mike's last day.

Mike and I first met in our field office which was established in Gilbertsville, PA, in 1985, in the heart of the PA radon country, The Reading Prong. Those early days were very hectic with literally thousands of home inspections to perform, reporters to talk to and helicopters landing in our backyard with the Governor on board.

In 1990 our field office was closed and we moved to our central office, in Harrisburg. Mike has been commuting from the Reading, PA area to Harrisburg now for the past 20 years. I know he won't miss that commute.

Augmented Allotment of SIRG FY 2010 Funds

Friday, 11-June-2010 @ 12:58PM EDT

Dear RLSL Stakeholders--

Be advised. EPA is seeking to receive short 1-page proposals supplementing existing/proposed projects, or new projects from SIRG recipients, probably by June 25th. When crafting proposals, states-tribes should consider how their projects advance the Radon Leaders Saving Lives (RLSL) campaign goals. Further details on the process and timing will be made available here early next week.

Noted Urologist and Radon Activist Dies of Lung Cancer

Richard D. Williams, M.D., Rubin H. Flocks Professor and former Head of the University of Iowa Department of Urology, died on May 28, 2010 at age 65 following a brave fight against cancer.

Dr. Williams became an important figure in the radon community after developing lung cancer, which he believed was induced by radon. Watch video below of Dr. Williams' story (beginning at the 9:09 mark of the video) during the recent "Cancer in Iowa: 2010" news briefing.

Watch video

Read Dr. Williams' obituary

Region 5 Medical Forum- Thoughts from the organizer

The EPA Region 5 Prescription for Radon Medical Forum was held last month in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Despite limited attendance by the medical community, the event offered many positive outcomes. Primarily, the event gave Midwestern radon stakeholders a chance to strengthen partnerships and build new relationships. Attendance was just under 50 people and groups represented included the medical community (primarily cancer nurses and physician's assistants), the radon industry, local and state health departments, a local fire department and several nonprofit organizations.

Radon TEE Webinar Held Today...

Today I had the great opportunity to facilitate the webinar, “Getting the Most out of Radon TEE.” This particular gathering was designed for state team captains who have registered to be future hosts of Radon TEE in the campaign, Radon TEE World Trek: 2010. Dave Naggar from Mass.; Angel Price from N.C.; Dennis Vaughn from Tenn.; Aimee Morrow from S.C.; Anita Kopera, Linda Jordan and Pat from N.J.; and Chris Keyser and Mark Jones from Utah were all in attendance. We were also joined by Jeggan Cole from CRCPD and Lou Witt, Gina Bowler and Kelly Hunt from EPA.

STUK recommends radon protection for all detached houses constructed

Please read this news release, received via the Radon Professionals List-serv from Hannu Arvela of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Finland (STUK).

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Tees visit - work related stops

While traveling in PA with me Radon Tee attended the 5th annual TriState AARST Spring Training Seminar, also attended a dinner presentation sponsored by the local chapter of the American Nuclear Society and attended a dinner presentation sponsored by the local Health Physics Society where the HPS President-elect Edward F Maher was speaking. Mr. Maher mentioned the HPS UPDATE ON PERSPECTIVES AND RECOMMENDATIONS ON INDOOR RADON. In 2009 the Health Physics Society encouraged members of the public to minimize exposure to radon and its radioactive decay products to the extent reasonably achievable, taking into account applicable technical, economic, and social factors. Mr. Maher was presented a radon tee to take with him on his travels.