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Video: Hear from the National Radon Poster Contest Winners

Watch this video!

During National Radon Action Month, national winners for this year’s National Radon Poster Contest were honored at an awards ceremony at the 2011 Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools National Symposium, held in Washington, D.C.

Watch a video that highlights the National Radon Poster Contest winners. Hear from the award-winning students, their parents and teachers on the importance of this contest, what they have learned and how they are making positive changes in their communities.

AARST Seeking Proposals for Presentations at the 2011 International Radon Symposium

1. Opening Day Plenary Proposals (due April 27, 2011)

The opening day of the International Radon Symposium is a joint plenary session held in cooperation with the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). AARST invites proposals, by April 27, for presentations that address common needs of radon professionals in private practice and the public sector.

Proposals should be 250 words or less and:

a. clearly state the significance and impact of the topic on the national and/or international radon community;
b. list proposed presenters;
c. state recommended time for presentation;
d. list the name and contact information of the individual submitting the proposal; and
e. be submitted electronically in Word (.doc) format to director@aarst.org

with "Opening Day Plenary Proposal" listed in the message subject line.

Vote to Make Radon a Top NIEHS Idea

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences’ (NIEHS’) Visionary Ideas for Strategic Planning relates to broad-based scientific directions for the environmental health sciences community that will help to shape the vision for NIEHS over the next five years.

On this website, users can submit their ideas, vote, or comment on Visionary Ideas, as well as discuss strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for NIEHS. As the community discusses and votes for ideas, the ideas that garner the most votes are boosted to the top of the page.

Be a Hero. Save a Life. Test for Radon.

The article below was published in the January 2011 issue of Natural Triad Magazine.

By Dusty Donaldson

What action would you take to protect your family if you suspected a killer was in your home?

Approximately 21,000 Americans will die from radon-induced lung cancer this year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. In fact, more Americans will die from radon-induced lung cancer than from AIDS, drunk driving, drowning or home fires. We protect ourselves from these other dangers by avoiding risky behaviors, and installing appropriate safety devices and monitors.

Draft Indicators for America's Children and the Environment Available for Public Review and Comment

EPA is preparing a third edition of America's Children and the Environment (ACE), following the previous editions published in December 2000 and February 2003. ACE is EPA's compilation of children's environmental health indicators and related information, drawing on the best national data sources available for characterizing important aspects of the relationship between environmental contaminants and children’s health.

EPA has prepared draft indicator documents for ACE3 representing 23 children's environmental health topics and presenting a total of 42 proposed children's environmental health indicators. Several new topics of importance to children's environmental health have been added to ACE3, and topics included in the previous editions have been extensively revised and updated.

A Holistic Approach to Radon Measurement in CT Schools

View a PowerPoint presentation, prepared by Allison Sullivan of the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CT DPH), Radon Program, on how Connecticut has implemented a holistic approach to radon management in their schools.

As CT DPH has tested for radon in 922 of its state's schools, this presentation covers success stories and lessons learned, how it provided quality measurement and mitigation, and successful methods of communication.

Radon Rap Song - Detect to Protect

Listen to Eric and Christina's Rap Song

Bears From Golden Launch Radon Awareness Project

January is National Radon Action Month. 11-year old Eric Bear and his sister, 13-year old Christina Bear are on a mission to spread awareness about Radon. They each won the Radon Poster contest for the State of Colorado in 2008 and 2010 and Christina again in 2011. Their goal is make Colorado Radon safe! Their project is called RAP-Detect to Protect. It is a Radon Awareness Project (RAP) for the State of Colorado.

Dr. Oz Web Articles on Radon

The Dr. Oz show, which is covering lung cancer on today's show, has developed the following content about radon:

  • Invisible Home Dangers
  • By Rebecca Morley, Executive Director, National Center for Healthy Housing

  • Radon: A Danger in Your Home
  • By Rebecca Morley, Executive Director, National Center for Healthy Housing and Captain Susan M. Conrath, PhD, MPH, U.S. Public Health Service, Environmental Protection Agency

The John Merck Fund - Grant Opportunities

Program Areas
The John Merck Fund makes grants in six program areas: Developmental Disabilities, Environment, Reproductive Health, Human Rights, Job Opportunities, and Civic Engagement/Defense of the Public Interest. Grants are generally limited to the United States. The Human Rights program provides grants to organizations in Latin America; and the Environment program, exceptionally, to organizations in Canada. Please see the Fund's individual Program Areas for more details.

Application Procedures

6th Grade Student's Science Fair Radon Paper

Read a science fair radon paper titled Radon Mitigation for Windsor Colorado, written by Jenna Brethauer, a 6th grade student at the Windsor Charter Academy in Windsor, Colorado.