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Design of vent system

If anyone is aware of computer programs to aid in design of of mitigation systems could you kindly share that information.

The NY State Radon Program became aware of potential requirement of for a municipality code that states: "The sizing, design and layout of the vent system shall be permitted to be determined by [approved] computer program design methods which shall be approved by the commissioner to insure compliance with the minimum standards of this code."

Thank you for any input.

NYS DOH Radon Program


2010 National Radon Action Month Results and Feedback Form Now Available

The 2010 NRAM results are now available! Please provide feedback on your NRAM experience- submit your comments by May 28, 2010!

The results are in, and the 2010 NRAM was our most successful to date with 1,904 unique activities. State programs, partner organizations and radon professionals came together to create outreach activities and raise awareness about radon risks. With 39 states representing all 10 EPA regions participating, it’s no wonder that the 2010 NRAM was a success. Visit the NRAM results page to:

Health Physics Society

As many of the list members may be aware, the Health Physics Society recently updated their radon position statement. Several members of the list assisted with the development of the new position statement including Jim Burkhart, University of Colorado; Kevin Stewart, American Lung Association; Dan Strom, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Phil Jenkins, Bowser-Morner; and Dan Steck, St. John’s University, Minnesota. I apologize if I missed anyone.

Old Radon Position Statement - http://www.hps.org/documents/indoorradon.pdf

New Radon Position Statement - http://hps.org/documents/radon_position_statement.pdf

Support document - http://hps.org/documents/radon_position_statement_background_document.pdf

The editor of the Health Physics Society Newsletter, Genevieve Roessler, has graciously allowed distribution of the most recent Health Physics Society Newsletter to the radon list (SEE ATTACHED). Thank you Gen!

2010 International Radon Symposium Call for Papers

2010 International Radon Symposium - Call for Papers

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­AARST’s 2010 International Radon Symposium (October 17-20, 2010 in Columbus Ohio) will provide an opportunity to share ideas and to facilitate a worldwide exchange of information regarding radon in air, water and soils. AARST welcomes the participation of members of the scientific and medical community, radon testers, diagnosticians, mitigators, educators, public policy leaders and business leaders as well as consumers, both nationally and internationally.

Abstracts: Your abstract should convey in 150 words or less the essence of the intended paper, clearly indicating the contribution it will make. Abstracts will be screened by the Symposium Program Committee.

Original research, including policy and business-related papers, are especially encouraged in the following areas:
1. Cost-effectiveness of radon policy and program options

2. Radon risk assessment including:

Radon in Schools: A Preventable Health Risk

Dear Radon Leaders,

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Radon Program recently co-authored an article which was published in the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) Reporter on radon in schools. The article is available here, in the RadonLeaders.org Resource Bank.

Resource Bank Updated

The RadonLeaders.org Resource Bank has been updated to include additional information on:

If you have not reviewed the Resource Bank or Research Bank sections in some time we would encourage you to review the information, tools, and resources available.

Do your have a resource or research you would like to share? Please suggest a resource, or let us know by e-mail.

Vote for your favorite video entry into the "2010 Illinois High School Radon Video Contest"

WATCH: Radon on Dr. Oz Program

Dr. Oz told us today he tested his home for radon gas! Thank you Dr. Oz for helping to prevent future radon-induced lung cancer deaths by helping to spread the message that it is simple to test for radon and fix if the level are elevated.

Watch the segment here.

Support Team Radon in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life

Here’s a link to a worthy event – and a true radon leader that radon professionals may want to consider supporting:

Debbie Greenman Radon Awareness:

I'm, trying to get the word out by putting together a "Team Radon" for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Learn more.

Seeking Participants: Radon-in-Water Intercomparison

Once again I am seeking participants for a radon-in-water intercomparison. No radioactive materials license is necessary. Participants are welcome to keep the reusable standard for their future use. There is no Ra-226 added to the water, as the source is sealed and of an exempt quantity.

I have attached a picture of the bottle that participants will receive. The participants will determine the radon content of the water using their method and send me the result. International laboratories are invited to participate. This exercise is meant to examine the participants ability to quantitatively transfer and measure radon in a water sample, as well as apply a proper decay correction.