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Kentucky HB Radon Licensure Bill Passes Vote

Kentucky HB 247 for Licensure of Radon Contractors made it through its 3 rd reading and passed 37-0 on March 2nd! Language in the bill waschanged as it went through the House and Senate. More details on how this bill will affect the State Program and Radon Professionals will follow in the next couple of weeks. Overall, it is positive that Radon Contractors will now be required to be licensed.


Resources on Acceptable Indoor Radon Concentrations

A list of credible sources concerning acceptable indoor radon concentrations are listed below:

1. NCRP, Exposures From the Uranium Series With Emphasis On Radon and Its Daughters – Report 77, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement, 1984.

The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement in their Report 77 established 0.04 WL as the amount of the concentration of radon and it's daughters that should be acceptable in nonoccupational occupied structures. Using the current 40% equilibrium assumption that would be 10 pCi/l. This was done in 1984 but it has not beerescindeded by NCRP. The recommendations of NCRP are widely utilizeded in radiation regulatory in the United States especially in the areas of medical uses of radiation.

2. International Commission on Radiation Protection, Website http://www.icrp.org, Statement On Radon, ICRP Ref 00/902/09, 2009

Fox News Covers Lung Cancer, Fails to Mention Radon

This story appeared on Fox News. Unfortunately, radon is not mentioned as a cause of lung cancer.


Radon Standards Update from The AARST Consortium on National Radon Standards

Standards Update-April 1st 2010

Multifamily Measurement; Device Performance Protocols;
Model Codes for New Construction; RMS Harmonization; Water Measurement

Dear Radon Leaders,

I wanted to follow up with some information following my previous announcement. Please share the link to this post broadly to colleagues and others that may be interested.

Multifamily Measurement:

Public Review is now open until May 31st both in our community and nationally via ANSI for AARST MAMF: Protocol for Conducting Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurements in Multi-family Buildings. The latest draft is available for download and comment at www.radonstandards.us

Device Performance Protocols:

Radon & Cancer: Preventing Cancer in the Latino Community

Plan to join the Iowa Comprehensive Cancer Consortium for the first of seven sessions of Preventing Cancer in the Latino Community in 2010-11.

Learn about radon, its link to cancer, and how to reduce the related cancer risk in the Latino Community.

When: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, October 21st
Where: Mercy Medical Center – Main Campus East Tower 1111 6th Avenue, Des Moines. View a map at http://www.mercydesmoines.org/about_mercy/documents/Campusmap11-09external.pdf.
Who: Any individuals and organizations interested in addressing issues related to cancer in the Latino community.

RSVP to Sara Comstock at comstock@canceriowa.org.

RRNC Standard Now Available for Public Review

A draft of a new construction standard - RRNC 2.0 “Reducing Radon in New Construction of 1 & 2 Family Dwellings and Townhouses. - Draft 9-30-2010” has been released for public comment and review.

To view and download the draft standard and the comment form, visit http://www.aarst.org/images/RRNC_2_0_Standard_Public_Review_Draft_September_30_2010.pdf.


Submittals (MS Word preferred) may be attached by email to standards@aarst.org or submitted in paper form by fax to (913) 780-2090:

1) Do not submit marked-up or highlighted copies of the entire document.
2) If a new provision is proposed, text of the proposed provision must be submitted in writing. If modification of a provision is proposed, the proposed text must be submitted utilizing the strikeout/underline format.

Radon Tee: World Trek 2010 Travels to Utah to Raise Radon Awareness

The Radon Tee, a special t-shirt designed for Cancer Survivors Against Radon (CanSAR) by a group of eighth grade students from Illinois, will make a stop in Salt Lake City on September 21, 2010. It’s all part of Radon Tee: World Trek 2010, hosted by the Utah Division of Radiation Control (DRC), to raise awareness about radon. The project harnesses the power of many community leaders to educate Utahns about the dangers of radon exposure and to encourage them to take action to protect their homes and families.

Exposure to radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer overall, causing thousands of deaths annually in the United States. Each day, radon-induced lung cancer claims more than 57 lives in the United States. The lower the radon levels in your home, the lower your family’s health risk.

The Physician’s World: Impediments to communicating about radon

In my last blog, I offered the diagnosis that the medical community suffers from cognitive dissonance when it comes to patients and radon communication. To be clear, this cognitive dissonance arises from two facts. First, the medical and public health communities are aggressively advocating against behaviors, such as smoking, that cause lung cancer. Second, the medical community has not taken an aggressive approach to radon counseling, even though radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. In this blog, I would like to explore two of the more important reasons why I believe that this situation exists. In later blogs, I will discuss some ideas about a cognitive dissonance cure.

MN RLI - RRNC Training

In Minnesota we have a state wide building code that has the provisions of the International Residential Code (IRC) Appendix F. We have created what we have coined "the Gold Standard for Radon Resistant New Construction". We recently held a training as part of the Radon Leaders Initiative (RLI) mini-grant.

RLI Training:
We held a training that was well attended; we had about 64 participants in our one day training. We spend the morning session on what the new code requirements are mandating the builders to install, the short falls of appendix F and the Gold Standard to make sure that their homes are truly "radon resistant". The afternoon session we teach them how to be better communicators and the basic principles of risk communication.

If you are interested in the materials that we supply to the contractors contact me by email and I will send them to you: Joshua.Miller@state.mn.us

CanSAR - PA Cancer Victim Speaks Out

CanSAR continues their great work getting the word out!

View excellent news coverage (video): http://www.wgal.com/video/22595955/index.html