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The Radon Tee Train Keeps Chugging!

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Training on Radon New Construction Code

Brief Overview:

Effective June 2010, Maine contractors will be required to comply with a new building code that includes the ASTM E-1465 standard for building radon out of new residential construction. Maine builders and codes enforcement officers need to understand the specific provisions of this standard, which itself is fairly new (2007).

Project Activity to Date:

In 2003-2006, the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council developed a series of residential construction trainings for residential building professionals for proper design and construction of homes for healthy indoor air quality. Using the current CRCPD grant support, the MIAQC has incorporated the radon resistant new construction components of the new building code (ASTM E-1465, 2008) into these trainings. Five of the six trainings being presented during the project period have already been presented. The final one is scheduled for March 5, 2010.


Pro Ten Services, official UK Radon TEE coordinators have launched the United Kingdom leg of the trek with visits to the Health Protection Agency and the British Research Establishment. On its first outing, the UK TEE accompanied ProTen Managing Director, Martin Freeman, to a consultation meeting at the Health Protection Agency, where potential changes to radon policies were discussed. The following day, the TEE attended a symposium at BRE Headquarters on estates management for school bursars, where ProTen Services presented a seminar on radon risks, regulations and remediation techniques. The city of Bath has become the latest stop on the Radon TEE World Trek UK tour. Famed for its Georgian architecture, Roman thermal spa and being the one-time home to Jane Austen, Bath is the only city in Britain to be designated as a World Heritage Site.

ANNOUNCEMENT – NRAM Activity Submittal Deadline Extended to Feb. 19th

Due to concern expressed over the recent inclement weather in some parts of the country, which has resulted in many office and school closings and power outages over the past week, the deadline for submitting National Radon Action Month activities to RadonLeaders.org has been moved from Feb. 12th to Feb. 19th. You now have until midnight on February 19th to share your events and activities that helped raise radon awareness and testing throughout the month of January.

Visit http://www.radonleaders.org/nram/addevent to submit your activities today.

Concluding Act for the SIL Radon Awareness Initiative

SIL Radon Awareness Task Force, Inc., in conjunction with Illinois Emergency Management Agency, American Lung Association of Illinois, and Cancer Survivors against Radon – CanSAR, sponsored a Radon Awareness Lunch on January 20, 2010 at Gibby’s on the Green in Whittington, IL. Among the attendees were three of the ten homeowners who received free radon mitigation systems in 2009 as part of the Southern Illinois Radon Awareness Initiative. The well-attended event also included representatives of area County Health Departments, County Extension offices, Colleges, Boards of Education, real estate offices and businessmen and women in the area.

Radon Tee visits EPA's IAQ Tools for Schools Symposium!

Radon Tee at the EPA Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Symposium in January!

Director for EPA’s Center for Radon and Air Toxics, Bill Long with Radon Tee

National Radon Program Services at Kansas State University (www.sosradon.org) & Radon Tee

EPA’s Phil Jalbert, and Kathy Glapa from the Tennessee Radon Program with Radon Tee

Radon Poster Contest award winners (from left to right) Alec of Guthrie, OK (1st); Noah of Savannah, MO (3rd), and Emily of Holladay, UT (2nd), posing with Radon Tee

A Call for Active Participation

A great idea and the time is right

—a little t-shirt can save lives, but not on its own. It needs the help of committed, dedicated and caring individuals. Help Radon TEE shine its light on radon-induced lung cancer and save lives.

TEE had great success in Kentucky. This Social Media Networking Campaign will have an impact on your state like you have not seen before, if you make it happen. It is our hope to get PA, WA, TN, OR, MI, and WI signed up right away, but we need a team captain for the states. We want all of the states to participate. Please help out by stepping up for your state. You can contact me at seascape@htc.net or 618 830 4660 and we will get the ball in play for you. We already have AL, NC, OH, IL, MN, MA and Utah on board our little TEE Train.

Join the Radon TEE’s face book page at www.facebook.com/radontee

The Radon Tee webinar screencast is available on RadonLeaders.org http://www.radonleaders.org/resources/RadonTeeWebinar

President's Cancer Panel - Environmental Factors in Cancer

This special edition may be of interest.


Special Double Issue: Volume 21: No. 4, 2009 - Volume 22: No. 1, 2010
Selected Papers from the President’s Cancer Panel 2008-2009 Meeting Series

Attached (below) please find information on how to order this special edition. You must be logged in to RadonLeaders.org to access and download the attachment.

Radon Tee: World Trek 2010 - Colorado dates set!

Radon Tee set to bring awareness message to The Centennial State!

Join me as I trek through Colorado between March 16 and April 5! If you live in Colorado and want to help me increase radon awareness and testing in your state, contact me at RadonTee@CanSAR.org for the contact info our Colorado Team Captain.

Radon Tee: World Trek 2010 - Illinois dates set!

Radon Tee set to bring awareness message to the Land of Lincoln!

Join me as I trek through Illinois between Febraury 16 and March 15! If you live in Illinois and want to help me increase radon awareness and testing in your state, contact me at RadonTee@CanSAR.org for the contact info of our Illinois Team Captain.