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VIDEO BLOG: CanSAR's Gloria Linnertz and Barb Sorgatz Share their Personal Radon Stories

VIDEO BLOG: Susie Shimek and Gloria Linnertz Discuss the Concurrent National Radon Meetings in St. Louis

October 21st CIAQ Meeting (PCB Caulk, H1N1, and more....)

FYI - Since many of you also engage in IEQ-IAQ activities, I thought you
might be interested in this. Thanks

CIAQ October 21st Meeting/Webinar

Information on registering for this meeting/webinar will follow in a
separate Listserve announcement.

CIAQ Federal Agency Members: By COB, Friday, October 9th, please inform
me as to whether or not you will have a report on your Agency’s IEQ-IAQ
activities for this meeting.

The draft agenda for this meeting is:

(1) Agency IEQ-IAQ Activity Updates (EPA, CPSC, HUD, NIST, etc.)

(2) Presentation/discussion: PCBs in Caulk by Dr. John McCarthy
(EH&E). EPA staff from the Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic
Substances (OPPTS) will also participate. EPA issued a News Release on
this topic September 25th 2009.

(3) Update from the Federal (GAO) Mold Work Group

Photo Slideshow - AARST and CRCPD Meetings in St. Louis

Photos from the concurrent AARST (2009 International Radon Symposium) and CRCPD (19th National Radon Training Conference) radon meetings in St. Louis, MO, September 20-23, 2009

Please email RadonLeaders.org at info@radonleaders.org if you have any photos you would like to share.

Please also share any thoughts or comments about either or both of the St. Louis meetings in the comments section below.

2010 National Radon Poster Contest, Grants Available

The 2010 National Radon Poster Contest is underway! The deadline for entries from children ages 9–14 is October 15, 2009. The national winners will be announced at EPA’s 10th annual Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Symposium in Washington, DC during a special awards ceremony on January 14, 2010.

Please encourage Radon Poster Contest participation in your area and consider hosting an awards ceremony or other special event for your state or local winner. It’s a great way to build awareness; get more homes and schools tested; generate local media coverage; and ultimately save lives from radon-induced lung cancer. A limited number of $1000 grants is available to help off-set the costs of running the Radon Poster Contest in your state.

State Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalitions.

On behalf of Kim Steves and myself, this is follow-up to our presentations last Tuesday morning in St. Louis on our individual program's participation in the state comprehensive cancer control coalition.

Here is where to find your state's contact for the CDC funded state comprehensive cancer control coalitions.


Or google "CDC comprehensive cancer"

I encourage any state radon program that does not already participate in this to look them up and become an official part of your state's cancer prevention efforts.


New WHO Handbook on Indoor Radon

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a new Handbook on Indoor Radon.

Reuters Health has published an article on the new Handbook and we have the Handbook available for download on RadonLeaders.org.

Reuters Article
Download the WHO Handbook

New Role for Kansas State University: National Radon Program Services

Dear Radon Leaders,

I wanted to follow up on Bill's blog post about the upcoming grant transition with a message of my own.

Kansas State University (KSU), as a partner in the Midwest Universities Radon Consortium, is pleased to assume national radon services and projects formerly provided by the National Safety Council (NSC) for the US EPA. Our new responsibilities will include the National Radon Poster Contest, National Radon Hotlines, Referrals to State Radon Programs, Radon Test Kit Coupons, Radon Mitigation Promotion, and other outreach activities. KSU will partner with NSC during the 2010 National Radon Poster Contest to accomplish a smooth transition in activities and events. We also will work with NSC and EPA on other aspects of the transition. In addition to updating our Web sites and publications, several changes in programs and services are being implemented, including:

EPA Announcement: Grant Transfer from NSC to KSU

Dear all,

Living Radon Reference Manual

Dear Colleagues:

We are posting a link for you to access our Radon Reference Manual (RRM). This is our initial effort at this manual an we are looking for your input. As your time permits please review the RRM and provide us any corrections or additions. For additions we are looking for topics that have not yet been covered, such as radon in building materials, thoron, pertinent web sites, etc. You may post your comments/additions to this site or directly to one of the authors at rolewis@state.pa.us.

The RRM can be found at http://www.dep.state.pa.us/brp/Radon_Division/LivingRadonReferenceManual.htm

Thank you very much.

Paul Houle and Bob Lewis