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Consolidating Collected State Radon Data – Developing Our Schema

The states participating in the Radon State Data Exchange workgroup have compiled the radon data they collect in this spreadsheet. The radon data collected was broken down into four general categories:

  • Personal Information
  • Building Information
  • Lab-Test Kit Information
  • Test Results

Based on the participating states compiled data set, this spreadsheet 2 shows the data elements that were filtered by category to identify a list of “core data elements” that will be collected in the Radon State Data Exchange. The workgroup is in the process of developing a list of definitions that complement each of the “core data elements.” Before finalizing the list, the goal is to standardize consolidate as many of the elements as desirable from states that are already collecting data. If your state collects data, please consider sharing your data dictionary (definitions) with the Radon State Data Exchange. There are several options for including your information:

  1. Highlight a definition that is included in the existing spreadsheet,
  2. Tweaking language that is included in the existing spreadsheet, or
  3. Writing your own definition in one of the blank spaces next to the data element.
  4. Please send your comments to the spreadsheet2 to Peggy Bagnoli at bagnoli.peggy@epa.gov.

Lastly, as we move forward with this effort, we need to also identify the type of outreach each state provides. If you have not done so already, please provide some details about the type of radon outreach efforts that are currently ongoing by completing Tab 5 of spreadsheet 2.

Thank you for your participation.