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Participate in the Radon State Data Exchange Workgroup

States, tribes, and others interested in participating in the Working Group should meet the following characteristics:
  • Interested and enthusiastic,
  • Have radon data or developing database,
  • Available for monthly meetings and potentially a second meeting during any given month if necessary to make important decisions, and
  • Provide timely feedback on documents or deliverables.

Workgroup Meeting Summaries

The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network

The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (Tracking Network) is a dynamic Web-based tool that provides health and environmental data in one easy to find location. It allows scientists, health professionals and members of the public to see where these hazards and health problems are occurring and how they are changing over time.

Currently 23 states and New York City receive funding to build local tracking networks that cover environmental health issues specific to their communities. These partners send data from their local tracking systems to the National Tracking Network to help CDC and other researchers monitor and identify trends in environmental public health data. For more information about the Tracking Network, please visit ephtracking.cdc.gov. If you would like more information on the Tracking Network, please contact Peggy Bagnoli at bagnoli.peggy@epa.gov.