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Engaging Middle School Students on Radon Awareness

Engaging Middle School Students on Radon Awareness

In recognition of National Radon Action Month, Becky Chenhall from the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension presented radon information to all of the science classes at Oconee Middle School in Oconee County, GA.

Becky taught eight radon education classes over a two day period, reaching over 300 students at Oconee Middle School. Her radon presentation included topics such as the origin of radon, the health effects of radon, testing for radon, and mitigation. The students were most attentive during the presentations and expressed interest in testing for radon. During each class, Becky had a student volunteer to demonstrate how to use a test kit and test for radon. At the end of each class, the students played an interactive “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” game, during which students answered questions about radon facts they learned during Becky’s classes. Their correct answers and enthusiasm provided evidence that the students had acquired radon knowledge during the presentation. The students learned that radon is real and wanted to share the dangers of radon with family and friends. Students were given homeowner agreement forms to have a parent sign and return to receive a radon test kit. As a result, approximately 80 parents received radon test kits.

Also, during Becky’s visit to Oconee Middle School, she recognized one of its students, Nanki Udhwani, for being first place for the state of Georgia in the 2011 Radon Poster Contest. She invited the school principal, the Oconee County Commission Chairman, and GA Department of Community Affairs Radon Program Coordinator to help recognize Nanki’s accomplishment. Nanki was presented with a certificate in front of her classmates.

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Great work, Becky.

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Would you please consider posting the homeowner agreement forms students were given to ask their parents to sign?