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Reducing Radon Levels in Existing Homes: A Canadian Guide for Professional Contractors

Capping a two year effort, Health Canada is poised to release English and French versions of radon mitigation guidance documents. The guides will join earlier publications produced in Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, and elsewhere.

The guides were originally developed by Arthur Scott who brought active soil depressurization to the radon control efforts and who was a lead investigator on much of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s mitigation research and demonstration projects. The Working Group Coordinator was Isabelle Vézina, a tireless colleague who has given important leadership to Health Canada’s radon program including French-language outreach. At the risk of offending those not named, the Working Group members included a name well known in the building science aspects of indoor air quality: Don Fugler, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

The 60 page guide is exceptionally well illustrated and clearly organized with 14 chapters:
1. An Overview of Radon – 3 pages
2. Confirming the Radon Test was Carried Out Properly – 3 pages
3. An Overview of Radon Reduction Systems – 8 pages
4. Mitigation by Sub-Slab Depressurisation – 14 pages
5. Mitigation of Exposed Soil – 3 pages
6. Mitigation by Sump and Drainage System Depressurization – 5 pages
7. Mitigation by Ventilation Methods – 4 pages
8. Mitigation by Closing Entry Routes – 3 pages
9. Fan and Piping Installation – 5 pages
10. Combining Mitigation Systems – 2 pages
11. Building Codes and Radon Mitigation – 1 page
12. Combustion Appliance Backdrafting – 2 pages
13. Post Installation Testing – 2 pages
14. General Safety Precautions – 3 pages

The guides will be available at:
• English version www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ewh-semt/pubs/radiation/radon_contractors-entrepreneurs/index-eng.php
• French version www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ewh-semt/pubs/radiation/radon_contractors-entrepreneurs/index-fra.php