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Enviro Chips to Avoid Harmful Radiation from Mobiles, PCs

Mobile phones, computers and even granite in your kitchens emit varying amounts of radiation and people should take steps to fend off its harmful effect from long exposures, says Ajay Poddar of radiation management firm Synergy Environics. While there are many studies, which lay out the harmful effects of radiation emanated by mobile phones, personal computers, the use of these devices have become essential to a normal day functioning in urban life -- so the solution lies in mitigation.

"All we are saying is you can take steps to avoid the consequences of prolonged exposure to the radiation," Poddar, a civil engineer from IIT-Delhi and someone who has provided radiation management solutions to many sectors, told IANS.

"The consequence of consistent exposure to harmful radiation has different effects on a person. Somebody may have a weak heart, or a stomach ailment, which can get amplified. We measure radiation by gauging the stress level in the person.

"A good way of finding that is to check the pulse rate."

For cell phones and computers, Environics has launched a small chip which can be pasted on to the back of a mobile. In the case of laptops or desktop PC two-three will needed to be pasted on appropriate places as indicated in the pack.

"These chips alter the nature of the radiations coming from these devices and do not have any effect on the efficiency of your phone or PC," said Pranav Poddar, director of Environics.

Apart from new-age gizmos, the granite in your kitchen too is a source of harmful radiation.

"Granite has a high amount of quartz and quartz is not good for the body as it emits certain radiation. In addition granite has radon gas," said Ajay Poddar.

There is enough scientific evidence suggesting a clear link between lung cancer and high concentrations of radon gas.

"We offer solutions to mitigate the harmful effects of such radiation as well," said the Environics managing director.

Synergy Environics has also provided radiation mitigating solutions to a number of companies such as Indian Oil, GAIL, ICICI Bank, Indian Express, SAIL, GMR, Emamia and Piramal Group.

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