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Congratulations 2011 Radon Mini Grant Winners

CRCPD has awarded six mini-grants for the 2011 Radon Mini Grant Program. Congratulations to the following state programs and their respective community partners:

  • Illinois Emergency Management Agency and American Lung Association in Illinois
  • Nebraska DHHS Radon Program and Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department
  • Ohio Department of Health, Indoor Radon Program and Erie County Health Department
  • Maine DHHS Radiation Control Program and the Maine Indoor Air
  • Quality Council
  • Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the Southern Illinois Hospital Services
  • Nebraska DHHS Radon Program and Panhandle Public Health District

The mini-grants are targeted to encourage partnering of the state primary radon program with any general partner for an innovative project addressing radon risk reduction. As a component of the Radon Mini Grant Package, each the projects include activities in one or more of the following areas:

  • Projects that increase activity in radon prevention/mitigation in real estate
  • and/or Radon Resistant New Construction (RRNC) activities that are designed
  • to provide real risk reduction in high radon areas;
  • Activities that include Radon Action Month; and/or
  • Outreach projects that can be sustained or replicated and whose impact will result in a significant increase in visibility, awareness, knowledge, and action.

Each project will be highlighted on www.crcpd.org and www.radonleaders.org throughout the year. We are proud to support radon program growth through community action. Congratulations!