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Increasing Radon Risk Awareness in the Mountain Pacific States

The American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific (ALA-MP), which includes the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, works to increase Radon awareness and testing of all homes throughout its' seven state region. Information about the health risks of Radon is posted on the Lung Associations website, along with a link to www.RadonKit.org, which enables regional residents to purchase Radon Kits with test results from ALA-MP for $14.00.

In addition, ALA-MP collaborates with each of the state Radon offices throughout the region to promote Radon awareness. In November, Radon facts and test kit ordering information was shared via Facebook sites in all seven states. Press Releases for January Radon Awareness Month will feature quotes from the state Radon office coordinators, important Radon risk data, and a link to order home Radon test kits.

For more information about the American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific and its' work to increase awareness of Radon, please contact Cheryl McDonald, Lung Health Manager, at (509) 484-0374, cmcdonald@lungmtpacific.org.

Click here to view more information from The American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific: http://www.lungusa.org/associations/charters/mountain-pacific/