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The Minnesota Department of Public Safety and Health Radon Video

The Minnesota Departments of Public Safety and Health are teaming up to bring awareness to the dangers of radon. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Any home, regardless of its size or location, can pull up radon gases from the ground. Many people might be breathing in these deadly gases and never know. We hope this informational video will motivate you to get a radon test kit.

We talked to James Kelly, M.S., Supervisor for the Indoor Air Unit and asked a few questions about the video. In addition, we inquired as to other efforts that have taken place during the 2012 National Radon Action Month. First, we asked how the video came about and requested more information on how he was able to get the Commissioners of Public Safety on camera. His response was the following:

“The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Indoor Air Unit was contacted several months ago by a communications officer with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS). She was interested in working with us regarding radon and Winter Hazard Awareness week. After meeting in early November we decided that we'd like to collaborate on a larger project and quickly agreed that a video would be the best thing for a NRAM campaign. MDH's previous work with the cancer community was our starting point and I was soon in contact with Jaime Gunn who was interested in sharing her mother, Barb Neitge's, story. The MDH and DPS Communications offices received agreement from their respective commissioners and we were done filming a few short weeks later. The commissioners were very supportive and, though they both have incredibly busy schedules, were gracious enough to take some time to introduce the video and share a little about why this message is so important.”

He then went on to talk about other approaches that the Minnesota Department of Health, Environmental Health Division have taken on to make 2012 National Radon Action Month success a step further compared to previous years. James Kelly said the following in regards to these efforts:

“We believe that this video complements our other NRAM activities quite well. We have been striving to share the message of radon testing with as many Minnesotans as possible through a variety of initiatives. Governor Mark Dayton has issued a proclamation declaring January 2012 as Radon Action Month in Minnesota. MDH is sponsoring a series of eye-catching ads in the skyway systems of St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth and Rochester designed to get people’s attention about radon. We are also recognizing the Twin Cities chapter of Habitat for Humanity for their efforts to build homes that meet the MDH Gold Standard for radon resistant new construction. In 2011, Twin Cities Habitat, with the assistance of 23,000 volunteers and numerous donors built 55 new homes to the Gold Standard (best in 2011), ensuring the lowest achievable levels of radon.”

When finally asked to update us on the success so far this year’s efforts have shown, he concluded by saying:

“MDH has sent about 7000 radon test kits to 30 local public health agencies around the state that have expressed interest in distributing them to homeowners in their areas. We hope that the powerful message shared in the video and reinforced by our other activities will encourage homeowners in Minnesota to contact their local public health department to receive a radon testing kit. More information can be found at www.health.state.mn.us/radon.”

We would like to thank Mr. James Kelly, M.S. for his participation in this interview and for all of his hard work in supporting the efforts of the radon community.

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