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What Happened in Las Vegas… Won’t stay in Las Vegas

What Happened in Las Vegas… Won’t stay in Las Vegas

The 18th National Radon Training Conference and 2008 International Radon Symposium were held in Las Vegas, Nevada this year from September 14-17. Highlights from the joint sessions include:

  • Keynote by Rich Guimond, Rear Admiral, US Public Health Service (retired), Current Vice President, Carrier Corporation, on the founding of the Radon Program and the path ahead.
  • Launch of the RadonLeaders.org web portal by CRCPD, AARST, and EPA leadership.
  • New partnerships making progress on RRNC.

The agendas from both national meetings are available here.

During the coming weeks AARST, CRCPD, and EPA will use the RadonLeaders.org web portal to provide follow up materials and resources for both national meetings and the joint sessions. Members of RadonLeaders.org are encouraged to join the conversations on RadonLeaders.org, starting and contributing to forum discussions, posting events, and commenting on the Radon Change Package.

New users may want to review the About and FAQ sections. You can also contact RadonLeaders.org with any questions.

Slideshow - 18th National Radon Training Conference & 2008 International Radon Symposium

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Thanks to Curt Hopkins for these great photos!