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SILENT KILLER: Radon In Iowa Schools and Homes

You send your children to school, assuming they will be reasonably safe. So, why is a middle school principal on a mission to warn all parents about a potential health hazard to Iowa students?

Steph Langstraat, Principal at Monroe Middle School in Prairie City is fighting back against radon, a potentially deadly chemical seeping up through the foundation of her school into classrooms and halls.

Monroe Middle School is not alone; Iowa has the highest uranium concentration in the nation. As uranium breaks-down, it releases radon gas that has potential to cause lung cancer. The gas rises up through an estimated 3/4 of the homes and building foundations in Iowa.

Channel 13’s Dan Winters has more on the story.

read more here: http://whotv.com/2012/11/13/silent-killer-radon-in-iowa-schools-and-homes/