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EPA’s FY 2014 Budget in Brief

The EPA’s FY 2014 Annual Performance Plan and President’s Budget requests $8.153 billion, $296 million or 3.5 percent below FY 2012 Enacted funding. The EPA’s budget request includes a balanced approach to meeting the core program responsibilities in FY 2014 and into the future by investing in transformational change and making necessary reductions to programmatic spending and significant cuts to infrastructure financing. As part of adapting to the current fiscal reality, the FY 2014 budget focuses on core work and significantly reduces or eliminates programs where the mission has been largely achieved or can be accomplished by other organizations - either public or
private. The budget also reflects savings from program and operational efficiencies, changes to the EPA’s workforce, and continued efforts to manage the EPA’s real estate footprint.

Please see the attached document for more information.