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KS Physicians Advocacy Day gets a radon booster shot!

Radon Professionals - we know that communicating with physicians to inspire them to advocate for radon testing as a key prevention step for their patients is a challenge. In Kansas we have benefited from having the Secretary of Kansas Department of Health and the Environment (KDHE) being a physician and championing this issue. Here is the summary of what has happened in association with Kansas Radon Action Month and the letter he sent to all KS family physicians on radon.

Dr. Robert Moser (KDHE Secretary) sent a letter to all Kansas Academy of Family Physicians members (KAFP) which was published in the January newsletter of the KAFP (http://www.kafponline.org/) . This newsletter is sent out to over 1,500 recipients in Kansas. This letter urged physicians to pass along information on radon testing and risks to their patients, and also asked the physicians to take action and talk to their legislators during Kansas Family Physician Advocacy Day (January 22, 2014). The KDHE “Physicians Guide to Radon” brochure was also distributed. During the 2014 KAFP Advocacy Day Meeting in Topeka on January 22, both hardcopies of the letter and the Radon for Physicians brochure were distributed to the 90+ physicians who attended, and Dr. Moser included information about radon in his presentation at the meeting.

This effort coupled with other KS Radon Action Month initiatives which included radio and TV public service announcements, real estate agent training, test kit distribution by health departments. More efforts are being undertaken by KDHE, Kansas State University, and the Kansas Cancer Plan Partners.

Thanks to all the measurement and mitigation professionals who are achieving risk reduction by their efforts in Kansas and the nation. We hope these efforts will increase awareness, testing, mitigation, and radon-resistant new construction code adoption activities.

Bruce Snead


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