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Success with Engaging the Real Estate Industry

As of January 1, 2013, the Ohio EPA instituted changes to its radon program to promote outreach and awareness. In an effort to better educate the local real estate professionals on new rule changes my company has made contact with more than 300 real estate agents and company representatives to brief them on the impacts of these rules on their practices and organizations.

A number of agents who have been through the radon education seminars we provide have until now shown little interest. With the onset of the new rules and our explanations and outreach, interest in radon during the month of January 2013 has peaked tremendously. Our company has two licensed radon professionals on staff and in recent weeks have held multiple meetings with various local companies anxious to learn.

There is an awareness and a need for more education in the real estate industry that is typically responsible for 80 percent of the radon tests performed in the U.S.

A focus of the rules changes seemed to be directed at mitigation contractors with limited focus on the education of the real estate industry as a whole. As we progress through the months ahead, we anticipate a greater understanding of the health effects of radon on those who occupy living space within the real estate industry.

We as a company performed 873 short-term tests using Continuous Radon Monitors in 2012. With the education and hopefully a rebounding economy, we hope to see 1,000 tests this year.

Thanks to Radon Leaders for their support.