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On the Ground in Warren County, IA

We are wrapping up Warren County's three-month long Radon Grant by distributing 180 short term radon kits to the general public to Warren County residents. We then received the results from most of those radon kits and sent follow-up letters to those with high results over 4 picocuries per liter. Some called and discussed the next step in the process and then directed to procedures of the Iowa Department of Public Health and a list of certified radon mitigators.

We promoted January as National Radon Month by notifying administration, building and grounds staff, and science teachers of four Warren County High Schools of the importance of radon testing and mitigation during the cold winter months of the year. Presentations were given to High School classes. We got the word out to the general public using radio and published media throughout the communities in Warren County. We utilized free media through city websites and cable TV channels. At one informational meeting between the school board of one community and parents the importance of radon testing and mitigation was stressed. Discussants were directed to resources and information offered by officials at Warren County Environmental Health Agency. Overall, the Agency's goal of educating the general public of the importance of radon testing and mitigation was achieved through promoting awareness and education.