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Alabama Seeking Resources and Ideas for Radon Promotion

by Margaret Henderson

The Alabama Department of Public Health has a new person overseeing the Alabama Radon Program. Nick Swindall, a radiation physicist supervisor, is now planning next steps for the program’s activities.

Recently, he wrote that they are looking into doing some radon awareness advertising during lung cancer awareness promotions. He also is planning advertising for radon action month in January, noting that last year the program did gas pump toppers and indoor screens. In terms of conferences and outreach, Nick attended the National Radon Conference in San Diego, and after that a meeting with the Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition in Birmingham in July. At that event, he was able to speak about radon and get some short-term test kits and literature distributed.

Nick is interested in resources for the Radon Program. In his new positions, he is still exploring resources available to help educate the public.

For more information, or you have comments or suggestions to share, contact:

Nick Swindall
Radiation Physicist Supervisor
F.D.A. Certified MQSA Inspector
Alabama Department of Health
Environmental Radiation Branch
Office of Radiation Control