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Missouri’s Ten Years of Radon Data Is On-line Shown in Interactive and Static Maps

by Margaret Henderson

The Missouri Department of Heath and Senior Services Radon Program has ten years of radon data displayed on their website, showing the results of the Indoor Air Quality Database 2005-2015. The maps may be access through http://ephtn.dhss.mo.gov/EPHTN_Data_Portal/radon/index.php

Interactive maps feature residential and school data. Residential data cover years 2005-2015 and school data cover years 2013 – 2016 (August through May “school year”). The Interactive radon maps allow for a choice of backgrounds (satellite, topography, with or without street names and other choices). Pop-ups give details about the test location and results.

Residential radon testing in Missouri is shown as color-coded for results above and below 4 pCi/L, the recommended EPA active level. With this distinction, it is easy to see where higher test results are concentrated. Each site displays the information on the test result including location (city, zipcode), test date and test result. See https://ogi.oa.mo.gov/DHSS/EPHT_radonResidential/index.html
School test results are shown on the map in similar fashion. See https://ogi.oa.mo.gov/DHSS/EPHT_radonSchool/index.html

Static maps summarize the statewide findings by county:
• Average radon levels of tested homes by county

• Percent of homes with elevated levels by county

For more information on radon in Missouri or the mapping techniques, contact the
Radon Program, at (573) 751-6102.