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Pennsylvania On-line Radio Interview Informs the Public about Radon

by Margaret Henderson

Wtif on-line radio, home for National Public Radio, featured Bob Lewis of the Pennsylvania radon program in a discussion with listeners about radon. The program called “Smart Talk,” hosted by Scott LaMar, is an interactive program presented on a daily basis. It covers health and education, among other relevant topics of public interest.

During the program, as part of National Radon Action Month outreach, Bob Lewis answered call-in and email inquiries in real time. He explained about testing and remediation for radon and talked about the dangers and misunderstandings about radon. Bob is Program Manager, Bureau of Radiation Protection, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Some callers asked about radon in water and what could be done to mitigate the problem. Others asked about real estate issues and about laws and certifications. Pennsylvania has high radon levels, with 40% of the homes testing above the EPA’s recommended action level (4pCi/L). The program was intended to encourage testing and provide education to the public.

For more information about radon in Pennsylvania, visit the Department of Environmental Protection's website at http://www.dep.pa.gov
Call: 800-237-2366 [800-23-R-A-D-O-N] or 717-783-3594

To hear the program visit: