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NATIONAL BLACK HISTORY MONTH: CR3 News Volume - Black History Special Edition

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(CR3) Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction.org
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CR3 News
Black History Special Edition
African American Contributions
Radon Awareness & Lung Cancer

This issue highlights February National Black History Month and those African Americans who have contributed to the cause of saving lives. Their past and present efforts assist in the goals of public awareness and solutions to fix this deadly gas called Radon, promote radon testing and mitigation, and advance the use of radon-resistant new construction practices.

Magazine Description

As an organization, Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction advocates, educates, and mentors for radon reduction in order to help prevent lung cancer due to radioactive radon exposure. Our publication provides awareness and advocacy news regarding initiatives to address testing, mitigation, certification training, events and legislation. Saving lives!