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Utah’s National Radon Month Featured on Website

by Margaret Henderson

The Utah Department of Environmental Health focused on National Radon Month in special coverage on its website. http://deq.utah.gov/ProgramsServices/programs/radiation/radon/

Two 30-second YouTube videos (one in English and one in Spanish) give a short explanation of the importance of testing for radon. Activities listed on the site include presentations on radon for January and February 2017:

  • Radon Awareness Night was held at South Jordan City Hall, 
January 25th, where twenty 
free radon test kits were given away.
  • Radon Awareness Night at South Salt Lake, 
 February 9th where twenty free radon test kits were to be given away.

The website also explained the focus of the radon program:

  • Radon Resistant Construction
  • Real Estate Disclosure and Testing
  • Local Government Coalitions
  • Public School Testing
  • Radon Awareness (Testing and Mitigation)

For more information about radon in Utah, contact:
Eleanor Divver
Indoor Radon Coordinator 
Phone: (801) 536-0091

FAX: (801) 533-4097