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Utah Announces Radon Poster Contest Winners for 2017

by Margaret Henderson

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has announced the 2017 children’s radon poster contest winners by press release and video. See http://deq.utah.gov/ProgramsServices/programs/radiation/radon/

From more than 500 entries, 5 posters from students (age 9-18) were selected as winners. Prizes awarded were $100 for the school and $100 for the student. Artistic posters depicted information about radon risks and dangers, where radon comes from, and how individuals can test for radon in the home.

In an on-line video, Eleanor Divver, of the DEQ Radon Program, explains the basics of radon and then discusses each poster explaining how it illustrates the messages about radon that will guide the public toward radon awareness and safety.

The website also provides an archive of the past poster contest winners by year from 2010 to 2017. To view the artwork, see http://deq.utah.gov/ProgramsServices/programs/radiation/radon/postercontest/ContestWinners.htm

For more information about radon in Utah or the contest, contact:

Eleanor Divver

Indoor Radon Coordinator 

Phone: 801-536-0091