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Virginia Blog Announced National Radon Action Month

by Margaret Henderson

The Virginia Department of Health announced National Radon Action Month through its blog post.

It explained the need for testing, what radon is and why it is important and what the unsafe levels are. The post noted that “In Virginia, an estimated 670 people (3.19% of the national average) are believed to die each year from radon-related lung cancer.”

Brief guidance was given on lowering risk by simple measures such as sealing cracks and suggesting if further work is necessary to lower levels, installing fans and piping may be needed. Guidance on testing was provided along with a link to the department’s website:
According to the website, Virginia has 46 counties and 15 cities that are classified as Zone 1 (high risk), and 24 counties and 8 cities classified as Zone 2 (moderate risk).

Extensive information is given on topics such as:
EPA Radon Risk Map for Virginia
Radon In Water
Radon In Schools
Radon Professionals
Radon Testing and Mitigation
Radon History
Radon Health Effects
Radon Publications
Consumer Complaints
Radon Frequently Asked Questions
Radon External Links

For more information, contact:
Ryan Paris, Radon Coordinator
General number: (804) 864-8161
Fax number: (804) 864-8165
Email: Ryan.Paris@vdh.virginia.gov