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Tennessee Radon Program Encourages Testing in Press Release

by Margaret Henderson

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) began National Radon Action Month (NRAM) with a press release January 6, 2017, encouraging testing and mitigation and offering free radon test kits and hosting educational outreach events. http://www.tn.gov/environment/news/47846 Governor Haslam also made a proclamation about NRAM. TDEC staff also have partnered with others to offer education and outreach in local communities.

Because radon has been detected in every county in Tennessee, testing each home is important, the department emphasized according to the TDEC Commissioner Bob Martineau. TDEC operates a statewide indoor Radon Program to serve and assist the public and provide technical information. http://www.tn.gov/environment/article/sp-rad-what-is-radon#sthash.mvXxbHbE.dpuf

Tennessee residents can get free radon test kits at https://tdec.tn.gov/Radon_Online/frmRADON_Online.aspx.

For more information about radon http://www.tn.gov/environment/topic/sp-rad-tennessee-radon-program or contact the Tennessee Radon Program at 1-800-232-1139.