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Texas Tech University State Indoor Radon Grant Provides Training Course

by Margaret Henderson

The Institute of Environmental and Human Health of Texas Tech University will be sponsoring a course, conducted by and in partnership with the Engineering Extension at Kansas State University. The Combined Radon Measurement and MitigationCourse and Exams will be presented May 15-20, 2017 in Lubbock , Texas.

The Texas program homepage http://www.tiehh.ttu.edu/radon/news--resources.html provides information on radon. The website notes that several areas of Texas (county by county) may have a moderate potential for indoor radon, such as in the Panhandle area. However, the average radon level in homes is within norms. Texas has no areas of high potential. See the Texas Potential map http://www.tiehh.ttu.edu/radon/index.html#how_are_you_exposed_to_radon

Course information is available at http://www.engext.ksu.edu/radoncourseschedule
To register, see https://www.enrole.com/ksu/jsp/session.jsp?sessionId=605097AX&courseId=RADONCOURSE&categoryId=10001

Contact Information for Texas Tech University:
Telephone: 806-834-4567
Fax: 806-885-2132