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New Jersey Podcast Features Radon Issues

by Margaret Henderson

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) features health issues in weekly podcasts. Episode 38 discusses radon gas in an 18 minute presentation. https://njdep.podbean.com/e/episode-38-radon-action-month-with-anita-kopera/
The podcast is available through Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
In this podcast, Anita Kopera, supervisor of DEP’s Radon Section, discusses radon issues, regulations, mitigation systems and other issues.

The podcast explains the occurrence of radon within the state and the health effects of radon. The northwestern part of New Jersey, due to its geology, has greater radon concentrations within the state. This area is high radon potential, but other areas within the state have high concentrations as well. In high radon areas, radon resistant new construction (RRNC) is required by the New Jersey building code. All new homes and schools built must have RRNC.

Requirements for testing of childcare centers and suggestions for real estate transactions (although not a law or regulation) are explained in the podcast.
Mitigation systems and estimated costs of mitigation are discussed.

The Radon Section is responsible for education and outreach activities, such as presenting the podcast. Personnel go to conventions of builders and science teachers to reach out and provide information to spread awareness of potential radon problems.

For more information, contact the information line 800-648-0394 and the Radon Section telephone 609-984-5425.

Also see http://www.njradon.org/.