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Rhode Island Radon Control Program Provides Wide Array of Guidance

by Margaret Henderson

Rhode Island Department of Health, Radon Control Program, provides guidance to the public on a variety of radon topics. In Rhode Island, the average radon level is almost three times the national average. One in four homes tested has exceeded the USEPA recommended action level of 4 pCi/l. More than 50% tested homes in Exeter and Richmond exceeded this level (2011 database). Therefore, making public information widely available is an important mission of the department.

To provide information to the public, the department uses its website to provide a wide variety of information for businesses and residents.

Some guidance includes:

• Radon in drinking water wells http://web.uri.edu/safewater/files/TipSheetC13-Radon.pdf

• Healthy Housing Data Book, with a two-page article on the connection between housing, radon and health http://health.ri.gov/publications/databooks/2012HealthyHousing.pdf

• A fact sheet http://health.ri.gov/publications/brochures/SomeFactsAboutRadon.pdf

• A map on Rhode Island testing data (2016)

• Radon Information for Schools, Public Buildings & Child Care Centers

• Useful links to finding measurement businesses, mitigation contractors, analytical labs and training courses

Links for help with issues are also provided, such as help with:
• Verifying a radon remediation license
• Finding licensed radon control professionals
• Downloading radon remediation lists
• Filing a complaint

Additionally, a link to the state department takes the user to a wizard for starting your own radon business. https://www.ri.gov/SOS/quickstart/wizard/business_types/wizard/9b744f032c06ea89f6086c11422da592e8aad685/59258087484cd35301809d0212ab749f300f9e6a

For more information, contact:
Telephone 401-222-5960
Rhode Island Department of Health
Radon Control Program