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Study Finds Radon Education Increases Testing

New CDC study (Measuring Public Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Related to Radon to Inform Cancer Control Activities and Practices) finds that education about radon increases the likelihood that people will test their homes. Their survey found that homebuyers in states with notification policies were twice as likely to have heard about radon-health issues as those without such policies

Update on Tribal Radon Work

The National Tribal Air Association had signed on in support of the National Radon Action Plan and now has a Tribal representative as a member of the Leadership Team. At the December 2017 team meeting, she shared information to help recognize Tribal radon issues and successes in Indian Country. This organization works to improve indoor and outdoor air quality for American Indian Tribes and Alaska Natives.

Increasing Radon Strategies in Cancer Control Plans

NRAP Team aims to encourage state Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) plans to prioritize radon and include radon reduction strategies in Cancer Action Plans (CAPs). Through a joint project, CanSAR and the AARST Foundation developed a 3-part strategic plan for 2018 to prioritizing radon strategies in CAPs: 1.) Increase radon strategies in CAPs across CDC-funded CCC programs, 2.) Provide technical assistance and guidance to the CCC programs, 3.) Develop a toolkit based on existing resources and identified needs. The point person on the project, with guidance from the leadership team (comprised of CanSAR and AARST Foundation representatives), will work closely with the CDC to collaborate the initiatives. For more information, visit CDC’s CCC Plans.

NRAP Outreach Efforts

Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction (CR3) has attended and provided a booth at the American Nurses Association and American Public Health Association. CR3 also issued the May CR3 News focusing on the health and medical aspects of radon exposure. Read more issues of CR3 News.

Medical and Health Groups Endorse the National Radon Action Plan

Some of the nation’s leading medical and health groups have officially declared their support of the National Radon Action Plan. The American Thoracic Society, the American Public Health Association, the Asthma and Allergy Network and Trust for America’s Health have all signed on to the goals and strategies in the plan. They have been encouraged to share this with their members and to join in actions to support the implementation of the plan.