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Ohio Provides Checklist for Testing Schools

by Margaret Henderson

The Ohio Department of Health, Radon Licensing Program, provides an on-line School Radon Testing Checklist, instructing on how to properly test for radon in schools. The department recommends testing all schools.

The initial approaches discusses coordinating with school administrators and communicating with students, staff and parents about the protocols. The value of pre-testing communication is believed to lessen post-testing concerns about results.

Placement and conditions of testing are discussed in great detail, along with topics including retrieval of devices and interpretation of final results. Follow-up testing is to start one month after the initial results, and to be preformed in the same location and under the same circumstances of the initial testing. If the average of the initial and follow-up results are 4.0 pCi/L or more, the USEPA recommended action level, action should be taken to reduce the radon level. Guidance recommends hiring a mitigator licensed by the Department of Health. Administrators are to notify parents and staff no later than one month after the follow-up test results are received, and the plan to reduce the level should be provided. Sample notification letters, data testing logs and worksheets are provided in the guidance.

For more information about the testing checklist for schools, contact:
Ohio Department of Health
Radon Licensing Program
Telephone: 800-523-4439