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Connecticut Statues Regarding Radon in Schools

by Margaret Henderson

Radon in schools is addressed in Connecticut statutes and the Department of Public Health provides guidelines and technical information to the public regarding these requirements. Levels in excess of 4pCi/L, the USEPA recommended action level, have been reported in some Connecticut classrooms.

Testing guidelines for public schools have been adopted by the department. By statute, every five years after initial testing, all schools are to be re-evaluated for radon levels. Radon testing policy and procedures for K-12 school buildings has been implement by the department. Only qualified, certified testing professionals (trained in school measurement protocols) may be engaged and the testing period is between November 1 through March 31 during school session. Test results are to be kept on file and notifications given to students, parents and teachers. The department provides several documents as guidance on testing, the five-year re-evaluations, and general education about radon. Additionally, guidance on radon mitigation in schools is provided, covering the need to have building permits, licensed workers, and post-mitigation testing. Statutes also address new school construction, requiring radon resistance building techniques for facilities built in the high and moderate radon potential zones in Connecticut.

For more detailed information, see http://www.ct.gov/dph/cwp/view.asp?a=3140&Q=387606&PM=1

For a list of radon related laws in Connecticut, see http://www.ct.gov/dph/cwp/view.asp?a=3140&q=387600