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Rhode Island Requires Testing for Public and High Priority Buildings

by Margaret Henderson

Rhode Island requires testing for radon in all public and high priority buildings as specified in the radon control rules of the state. High priority buildings include schools (public, private, parochial grades K-12) and/or child care facilities. Public buildings are those occupied by or owned, managed or leased by a state or municipal entity. See http://sos.ri.gov/documents/archives/regdocs/released/pdf/DOH/7679.pdf, Section 28 for radon requirements.

The rules specify who may perform testing (a certified business), when testing must be performed, how testing is to be performed and other details on re-testing and mitigation. Levels in excess of 4pCi/L, the recommended USEPA action level, must be performed (for all areas with an average annual level as figured using follow-up testing). The department provides guidance on requirements and test results. Test results are to be submitted to the department. A variance from the requirements may be requested through the Radon Control Program. Lists of testing businesses and mitigators are provided on the department website.

For more information, contact:

Telephone 401-222-5960

Rhode Island Department of Health
Radon Control Program