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West Virginia’s Radon Awareness Coloring Book

by Margaret Henderson

The West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources has published the Radon Awareness Coloring Book, available online at https://www.wvdhhr.org/rtia/pdf/Coloring%20Book.pdf

The 12-page book presents some basic information on radon, explains that it is found in many places worldwide, describes where radon might be present in the home, and explains what can be done about it to correct elevated levels. The book encourages testing for radon and calling the health department for more information. The book concludes with the message: “Test. Fix. Save a Life.”

West Virginia has 20 counties classified as Zone 1, based on the EPA map of radon zones. In these Zone 1 counties, radon concentrations are expected to equal or exceed 4pCi/L, EPA’s recommended action level. Another 27 counties are in Zone 2 (2-4 pCi/L). Only 6 counties are low potential counties (less than 2 pCi/L).

For more information, contact:

West Virginia Radon Hotline Number 1- 800 - 922 – 1255
West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources
Bureau for Public Health
Office of Environmental Health Services Radiation, Toxics and Indoor Air Division
Program Chief: Jason Frame, B.S. R.T. (R) (304) 356-4303-Voice Email: Jason.R.Frame@wv.gov
Don Goldsmith, E.R.S. II (304) 356-4332