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Pennsylvania Presents Radon Data by Zip Code Covering 26 Years of Testing

by Margaret Henderson

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Radon Monitoring Section, through a joint state and USEPA grant, conducts public outreach to educate and inform residents about radon in the state. To make data public, the DEP has presented radon test results by zip code, in an on-line search feature http://www.dep.pa.gov/DataandTools/Reports/Pages/Radiation-Protection.aspx

Radon Test Data by Zip Code includes:

  • Zip code
  • Location
  • Number of tests
  • Maximum result in pCi/L
  • Average result in pCi/L (Data not reported when there are fewer that 30 test results.)

The data comes from “closed house” findings and comes from certified radon laboratories and testers. The testing is from short-term radon tests in houses including 2-story, 3-story, ranch, split level, bi-level, cape cod, raised ranch and contemporary. The testing period covers January 1990 through December 2016, a 26 year span.

Using the example zip code 15001, the findings are as follows:

  • 1937 test results from tests taken in the basement resulted in a maximum result of 163 pCi/L with an average result of 7.1 pCi/L.
  • 83 test results from tests taken on the first floor resulted in a maximum result of 47.3 pCi/L with an average result of 4.3 pCi/L.

The DEP recommends testing all homes, noting that homes with excessive radon may exist in zip code areas where test results have been low.

For more information, contact:
Department of Environmental Protection 

Bureau of Radiation Protection 

P.O. Box 8469 

Harrisburg, PA 17105-8467