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Arizona offers Guidance on Radon in Real Estate Transactions

by Margaret Henderson

The Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency offers information about radon in real estate transactions providing guidance and information. Although Arizona law does not require radon testing or that Arizona homeowners reduce health risk from radon, or that radon resistant construction techniques be utilized, the agency advises about the health risks of radon and the ability to control radon exposure as a form of public information.

For home sellers and buyers, the agency provides information such as the geologic potentials for radon and the aspect of ventilation rate and patterns of home use that can affect the radon concentrations in a home. For instance, use of air conditioning in summer months can cause radon levels to be higher at that time than in the months with lower temperatures.

Testing guidance for real estate transactions regarding radon are addressed in a series of FAQ publications for both the seller and buyer, including:

Seller's Perspective

  • I am selling my home and the buyer has requested that a radon test be done. Is this required?
  • What if I refuse to have a radon test done?
  • If they find elevated levels of radon, am I obligated to fix it?
  • A test was done on a property that I am selling. When they did the test, they required us to close up all the doors and windows, and performed the test in the basement. Why did they do that?

Buyer's Perspective

  • I am looking at a house and the seller said the house was tested and found safe. Should I believe this?
  • I was told there was no evidence of radon in an area of town where we are looking to buy a home. Can I trust that?
  • I was told that even if there is a radon problem, the whole issue is blown way out of proportion and it is not as bad as some people think.
  • I am moving in from a state where radon is a fairly large concern and I had difficulties selling my house. Is radon a problem in Arizona?
  • What are the problem areas? When I buy a house, I want to choose an area that is low in radon.
  • Will a test be done automatically when I buy a home?
  • What if the seller refuses to allow me to perform a radon test?
  • If I buy a home without testing, move in, and then find I have a radon concern, I have a problem, don’t I?
  • Are you sure that radon can be fixed?
  • We have found a home that we have really fallen in love with. During the inspection, a radon test was done and elevated concentrations were found at 10 pCi/L. Is this a concern?
  • What things should be included in the contract offer?

Arizona law requires sellers to disclose known material facts about the property or if the buyer asks about the property specifically, even if the seller does not consider the fact to be material. Radon is a topic considered on the disclosure statement.
For more information about radon in Arizona, contact: