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Guidance on Radon and Real Estate in Colorado

In Colorado, about 50% of the homes have high radon levels (in excess of the 4pCi/L action level USEPA recommends). Natural deposits of uranium and radium that are found in Colorado geology are the major source of radon in the state.

In providing guidance on radon in real estate, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Radon Program has updated its “Radon and Real Estate Transactions” brochure, both in English and Spanish. See the attached file. The brochure offers:
• The basics about radon and its health significance;
• Colorado real estate transaction requirements;
• Detailed explanations of testing and mitigation topics; and
• A note about radon in water.

In addition to the brochure, the Radon Program provides information through its website with videos on “Radon and the Real Estate Professional” and “Installing Radon Systems in New Homes.” Other helpful links and contact information are provided also.

For more information, see: