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Annual NYSDOH Radon Stakeholder Revised Agenda and Extended Cutoff Date

We have extended our registration cut off date and revised the agenda for the meeting.

Registration Ends October 27, 2017

Please join us for the 2017 Annual NYSDOH Radon Stakeholder meeting to be held at the Traditions in Johnson City, NY on November 9, 2017.

The keynote address, The Radiobiology of Radon, will be presented by Guy Garty, Ph.D., Columbia University.

The American Association of Radiation Scientists and Technologists (AARST) will hold training days on Tuesday, November 7th and Wednesday, November 8th at the same location.

This annual meeting, a State Indoor Radon Grant (SIRG) deliverable item, is designed for all that have a stake in protecting the public from unnecessary exposure to radon in their homes and schools. Topics of discussion are issues of common interest to the stakeholders. Our meeting goals are: to provide updates to our county partners, provide information about our program and projects to other various stakeholders in attendance, educate and network . Forty-one counties in New York State are considered targeted counties – meaning the likelihood of elevated levels of radon when testing are greater than in other areas of the state.

Attached are: the agenda for the meeting, registration information and course overview/registration for the AARST training days (as one attachment)

We look forward to see you at this year’s meeting!


NYSDOH Radon Program