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Kansas Requires Testers, Mitigators and Laboratories to Report Data

by Margaret Henderson

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) collects radon data on testing and mitigation from contractors and laboratories. Kansas statute requires the information be shared and information is considered confidential. It may not be shared under “open records” provisions. The information is to be used by the department in studies.

The requirements are that “Any person who tests for radon in Kansas, analyzes radon testing devices used in Kansas, or performs radon mitigation in Kansas shall make a report of such testing, analysis, or mitigation to KDHE within 90 days. In order to make data submissions consistent and useful for studies, the department provides a downloadable form that includes fields for the topics that must be submitted. All submissions are to be made electronically.

Required information includes details on who performed the testing or mitigation, the company name, address where work was performed (street, city, zip code), details about the building and other pertinent information. Laboratories must submit additional technical information.

For more information, contact:
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Radiation Control Program
1000 SW Jackson, Suite 330
Topeka, KS 66612-1365
Attn: Radon Program
KDHE – Kansas Radon Program
Tele: 785-296-1560 (KDHE - certification)
E-mail: Kdhe.radon@ks.gov