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Tennessee Interactive Radon Map Provides Radon Data and Geological Detail

by Margaret Henderson

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation operates the statewide radon program for indoor air as part of the Office of Sustainable Practices. Outreach activities include providing services and technical information, free test kits, and educational materials.

About 16% of homes in Tennessee are expected to have radon present in excess of 4 pCi/L, the USEPA recommended action level. Some areas of the state have the potential for 33-75% of the homes to have excess radon levels.

An interactive Tennessee Radon Map presents data from January 1, 2009 to October 31, 2014 from Short-Term Indoor Air Radon Test Results.
https://www.tn.gov/health/article/tennessee-radon-map. Results come from voluntary radon tests conducted by homeowners or measurement professionals. Average radon test result by county and by zip code are presented along with the percent of test results greater than 4 pCi/L. Additional map layers for Tennessee geology and county boundaries may be selected. Information is reported as follows:

County: Davidson
Number of tests: 2,293
Average radon level (pCi/L): 5.2
Median radon level (pCi/L): 2.5
Maximum recorded radon level (pCi/L): 127.9
Minimum recorded radon level (pCi/L): 0.0

The interactive map is for informational purposes and not intended to be predictive of radon levels in any particular area. The department encourages testing all homes.

For more information about radon in Tennessee, contact:

Tennessee Radon Program
Vaughn Cassidy
Office of Sustainable Practices
Telephone: 731-512-1343