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Educating Realtors in Utah About Radon

Adapted from the presentation at the 2017 National Radon Training Conference and with permission of the presenter, Eleanor Divver, Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Radon Coordinator

In Utah, the buyers due diligence checklist includes radon. Reference the Utah Association of Realtors at https://pscdocs.utah.gov/electric/16docs/16035T13/290524ExBBuyerDueDiligChecklist11-29-2016.pdf

The disclosure states:
4. RADON GAS: The EPA and the Surgeon General have linked exposure to elevated radon levels to an increased risk of developing lung cancer. The Buyer is advised to consult with appropriate professionals to determine if elevated levels of radon gas exist in a property. Additional information regarding radon is available from the state of Utah at http://www.radon.utah.gov and the http://www.epa.gov/radon.

It is estimated that at least 10-20% of all real estate transactions test for radon and the number may be conservative. In order to educate realtors about radon, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality has a focus on courses that will educate and answer questions about radon.

The continuing education (CE) for realtors is conducted through a course entitled, “Radon for the Real Estate Professional.” This two-hour CE course is taught by instructors who have submitted a resume covering the person’s education, training, etc. to the Realtor Association, also explaining what expertise and abilities the person has to teach this course. Licenses to teach classes (from the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate) include training requirements to continue to teach. The person must have taught two courses (2 days) every year.

The person teaching the course "Radon for the Real Estate Professional" must take a two-day course on how to educate realtors. This course allows the instructor of the course to continue teaching that course.

In addition to real estate professionals, others conduct radon training, including:

  • Radon Mitigation Companies - At least 4 radon mitigation companies have a license to teach realtor class.
  • Home Inspection Companies - At least 4 home inspection companies have a license to teach realtor class.
  • State Department of Environmental Quality -One individual teaches realtor class.

Along with formal education, individual realtors spread the message after having become informed themselves. Realtors talk to approximately 50 clients a year. In 2017, more than 400 realtors were educated. So potentially, those 400 persons may reach an audience of 20,000 persons per year.

Courses and training answer the questions that realtors commonly ask:

  • Why does it matter? What is the Health Effect?
  • Is this “Really True?” Is Radon Real?
  • How do you know that this test kit is accurate?
  • How do you test? Steps to take to test a home for radon
  • What is their Liability?
  • What does a mitigation system look like? How do they know if they walk into a home if there is a mitigation system?
  • How do you build a home with Radon Resistant New Construction? Why do the builders not use more?

For more information about real estate education about radon in Utah, contact:

Eleanor Divver, Radon Coordinator
Telephone: 801-536-0091