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Nebraska Radon Task Force Inaugural Meeting

by Margaret Henderson

The inaugural meeting of the Nebraska Radon Task Force was held December 15, 2017, to review the description of the tasks it is charged with by LB 9, passed in the First session of the 105th Nebraska Legislature. The purpose of the meeting was also to discuss how to present information to the Governor, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and the Urban Affairs Committee.

A high prevalence of elevated radon levels in homes in Nebraska was noted in the bill, stating “(6) The United States Environmental Protection Agency has identified radon levels in Nebraska as the third highest in the United States because of the high concentration of uranium in the soil.”

LB 9 creates the Radon Resistant New Construction Task Force, which was directed to develop proposed minimum standards for radon resistant new construction in Nebraska and recommend such minimum standards to the Governor and the Legislature. Recommendations of the Task Force are due by April 15, 2018, per the bill’s requirements. The recommendations provided by the Task Force are to be used in the 2019 legislative session to establish, in statute, minimum standards for radon resistant new construction.

For more information about radon in Nebraska, contact:

DHHS- Radon Program

PO Box 95026, Lincoln, NE 68509-5026


Fax 402-471-8833