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Idaho Brochure Features Radon and Smoking Linkage

by Margaret Henderson

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has produced an on-line brochure titled “Radon and Smoking – What You Need to Know and Do to Protect Your Health.” See

The colorful brochure displays the state map noting what counties fall into categories of radon exposure based on test results. For instance, seventeen counties are listed as having 26% to 50% of the homes tested with radon levels greater than 4 pCi/L, the recommended EPA action level.

The brochure provides a chart illustrating that if you smoke, radon puts you at greater risk for getting lung cancer. It explains that smokers are nearly 25 times more likely to be harmed by radon than non-smokers. It offers help for quitting smoking (free help online at Project Filter’s website http://www.projectfilter.org and referral to the Idaho Radon Program.

For more information, contact Idaho Radon Program at 1-800-445-8647.