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Oregon Updates Radon Risk Map

by Margaret Henderson

The Oregon Health Authority Radon Awareness Program has updated its Radon Risk Map, effective January 2018. The Program uses the interactive map to inform the public of potential hazards of radon. Encouraging testing, mitigation and radon resistance new construction are other missions of the Program. According to the Authority, there are approximately 276 radon-related lung cancer deaths each year in Oregon.

From viewing the map, it becomes apparent that the radon levels vary throughout the state. Highest radon exposures are found in northwest Oregon in the Columbia Gorge and Willamette River Valley. The Program encourages using the map as an indicator of potential exposure, but cautions that the resident should not assume what levels may be present in their homes based on the findings illustrated in the map. For instance, the Program cautions that lack of significant number of tests in the eastern part of the state limits the ability to assess what risk there might be.

The clickable map presents data such as:
• Zip code
• City
• Radon risk category (developed by the Radon Awareness Program)
• Number of locations tested
• Maximum test result in pCi/L
• Number of test results
• Percent of locations tested
• Population (2015 figures)
• Square miles
• Population per square mile

To view the map, visit http://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=a2374af598564a598904460e257e3041

For more information, contact:
Telephone 91-673-0440
Sarah Apodaca, Data Analyst