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Wisconsin Department of Health Services Announces Radon Action Month

by Margaret Henderson

In Wisconsin, approximately one out of ten homes has high levels of radon, exceeding the 4 pCi/L USEPA recommended action level. As part of the department’s public outreach and education program about radon, the department has announced Radon Action Month on its website.

The department’s interactive map of radon test results by county provides data and visual information about the prevalence of high radon levels in Wisconsin. http://wi-dhs.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=68f3a3e068854810b626d002ce47aff4

The department recommends testing all homes and provides information on radon and health effects. The information includes guidance on testing and interpreting test results, and on reducing radon levels through sealing, mitigation and construction techniques. Throughout the state, the Wisconsin Radon Information System, consisting of 17 offices serving multiple counties, provides expert resources for residents needing assistance and information about radon. A list of other radon resources is also provided, along with contact information for the Wisconsin Radon Information System. The website also includes a video on Radon 101.

For more information, contact:
1-888-LOW-RADON (1-888-569-7236)